Jewelry Project Picture Dump

Went through a polyclay phase. I just go through craft phases. That’s how I do stuff.

I made these Lisa Frank earrings with stickers I got from dollar tree. I love Lisa Frank. The base is polymer clay.

Also a pill box but I’m including it here.


Very cool jewelry! Love the sticker earrings especially.

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Thanks! I needed something more permanent to put them on! There’s only do much Lisa Frank stuff around. I think I’m gonna decorate a box next.

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The first group look like jade!

Lisa Frank has three designs on BlendJet, the portable blender I use for my protein shakes and smoothies…they are very popular and go fast! So many cute designs and lots of colors!!

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These are all awesome but that last set…wow…are you sure that’s ploy clay? Lol. Amazing!

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Very cool projects! I especially like the green skull earrings! They definitely have a stone-like look.

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These are pretty awesome. The Lisa frank earrings make 12 year old me very happy.

The skulls are my favorite but especially the last pair.

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Ooh, the gold edging is a great finishing touch!

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Lol and yeah I got really into making fake stone with poly clay when I was doing these! It’s super fun! You use transparent clay!

Lisa Frank

Three, in fact…lol

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Thank you! Yeah it’s super fun! I recommend trying out the foux stone technique. I started out not even knowing what I was going to make. I just wanted to do the technique. Lol!
You use transparent poly clay to get the right effect!

Thanks!! I wear them a lot which generally isn’t really the case when I make my own jewelry. Or really anything. When people find out I’m an artist they look around and ask where it is. Lmao! Like I don’t display it usually. And often times it goes to someone else so I don’t have to look at it.

Thank you! Yes I can’t quite get over Lisa Frank. She’ll always have a special place in my heart.

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Thank you!! They definitely needed it. They didn’t look complete without it.

You have some mad skills! I love all of these!!

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The skulls are absolutely amazing. On a side note it looks like we have the same countertops. LOL


@Bunny1kenobi thanks! They were actually quite beginner-friendly!

@gozer thanks, Hon! Lol they are good countertops at least. :laughing:

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