Joann's pattern sales

I’ve heard Joann’s has great pattern sales, so I checked this week’s ad. It didn’t mention patterns, but I saw while googling that you can find the sales if you…
Click on “Department” then choose “sewing supplies”

I did that, and got a popup that said

Simplicity® Patterns* $1.99 - 30% off EA Valid: 3/3/2023 - 3/5/2023

Today is 3/5, so I clicked to see what was available.
None of the patterns were $1.99, not even if I click through. What’s up with that? Does the ad mean the patterns are discounted by $1.99 to 30%?

How do I get the sale price?

I don’t know about this particular sale/merchandise, but JoAnn sometimes has separate sales in-store than online. Maybe that’s it?

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I have the actually flyer…all Simplicity Patterns are $1.99 through today but only as a Doorbuster, which means you can only get them at the actual store.

The 30% off that you see online is already discounted…and yeah, that means most of them are $13.95 instead of $19.95.

$1.99 at the store-30% off online today…either or.


Thank you!
I guess if I want the best deal on a pattern, I’ll have to go in person and hope they have it.

Or order it from someplace else.

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Taken care of; got a great pattern on ebay for $10 including shipping.
Worth it to spend less time driving, more time couching.