Jolly Peg Bag

I made myself a new peg bag because my old fabric one had disintegrated from too much sunlight. I used the coat hanger from the old one and knitted a new bag from one ball of Spago yarn, the kind they call Spaghetti.
Construction was very simple I just did a long strip in linen stitch - because that gives a good firm fabric for bags - the same width as the coat hanger. For the opening I cast off stitches in the middle of a row and cast them on again on the next row - when I was about 10 cm from the top.
When the strip was long enough to make both sides of the bag I picked up the cast-on stitches at the beginning and did a three-needle bind-off, again to give a firm seam for it to hang from. The sides were closed with simple dc crochet and the opening was reinforced with crab stitch.

When it was finished and in use it looked so much like it was singing a happy song that I crocheted some eyes for it. :grin:


How cheery! That will make you want to hang your washing out :smiley:

The eyes are the perfect final touch! Very clever idea to knit the bag to make it more sturdy.

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YEEEES! It totally needed the face! Love it. :smiley:


The eyes totally kick it up about 10 levels! It’s adorable, and makes a routine chore so much more cheerful!

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Sweeeeeeeet … love it!!!

HA! That is great!

Oh my goodness, that face! Too stinking cute!!! I love this to pieces.

That face makes the project! You can’t be glum when you see it :slight_smile:

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Haha that’s adorable!

Great project! There’s a special place in my heart for craft projects that are truly useful! :grin:

Thank you everyone. It definitely makes laundry day more fun to have that little smiley face on the clothesline.


The eyes are clever and make it so fun!

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Congrats! Your Jolly Peg Bag is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

Oh Wow. That’s truly an honour. Thank you

What cute company for when you’re hanging out the wash!

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haha It really does look like it’s just the happiest little thing around! The yarn seems nice and sturdy, so it ought to last you a good long time!


Yes even on a cloudy day like today it makes things a little brighter

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That’s a very cute (and sturdy looking) peg bag!