Jo's Wedding Set

Been a while since I’ve posted. :3 I’ve been super busy writing some books and then had a lot of computer issues. I finally got my new computer set up with my art programs so I got photos from my recent project edited.

My friend Jo wanted a wedding set in burgundy, blue and green with fire flies, dahlias and stephanotis flowers. :3 This is her bridal set, but I also made single pins and cufflinks for her wedding party and some brooches for the bride and grooms mothers.

This is pretty much the only craft project I’ve done this year but I’ll be working on some new pieces soon. :smiley:


These are all absolutely gorgeous! I love all the vibrant colors!! :heart_eyes:

I checked out the links in your profile the other day as I’d been thinking of you! Glad to see you here & read that you’re well.
This post is full of loveliness. The wedding set is positively stunning & I adore all those single flower pins. I would have a very hard time choosing favourites.

These are incredible! You are very talented, I can’t even comprehend how you made something so beautiful :heart_eyes:

I missed you too!
That wedding set is amazing!
You wrote ‘some books’? Dang!
Keep up the good work!

Nice to see you back! I always enjoy seeing your wedding sets! Is it possible to see them worn by the wedding party sometime? I’d love to see the rest of the wedding fashions that these go with.


I’d love to see that too!

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I “third” that! More pics please!

These are just stunning!

Welcome back! These are so lovely.

These are stunning! I love how the bride, mothers, and wedding party all matched. Well done pieces!

Gorgeous! I don’t wear hair pins, but I might try to figure it out for those!

Congratulations! This has been selected as one of this week’s featured projects.

Your work is always stunning. The fire fly is fantastic and I LOVE those clips with the white ribbon and bead dangles. I bet they were beautiful in action. Do you have an action shot you can share?

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I don’t really have any pictures from the wedding, as I didn’t attend it. XD I’m not sure if the bride would be comfortable with me sharing her photos, so I don’t plan on doing so. Sorry! I know you guys are excited at the idea. I’ll eventually do some model photos with my bigger pieces, probably. I want to do a look book eventually.

Congrats! Your project was one of the best of 2021! You are awesome!

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