Journal Pages

I absolutely love to journal. This year I wanted to make my journal a bit more meaningful. I thought I would try my hand at some lettering. I still need a TON of practice but for my first time, and given the supplies I had on hand, I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I plan on doing each month like this as a place holder.

I also decided to do seasonal poems, markers. This poem about winter is so sweet to me and of course I had to frame it with some washi tape.

This one is a WIP. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought is was a great way to keep track of my mood and what’s going on in my life. I still need to add details and color it.

I kind of want to do a journal a long. Each week or month have prompts and then people can share what they did.


I like your lettering. Is there a guide or tutorial or book you use?
I plan on doing more art journaling this year. I like to write out any feelings then cover over it with art work.

Thanks! For the big snowflakes I used a template. For the lettering I kind of winged it. I found a font I liked and then did my best to copy it. I have a few calligraphy books that I want to use. This is a perfect excuse.

I really like that idea! Art-ing out the feeling!

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I really truly love this.

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Your lettering looks great. I have seen the gumball machine before but to track weight loss. I love the idea of tracking your mood. You can see how your month was in a glance with the colors. I’m hoping you have many pink days!

I love the idea of journaling but I end up being so utilitarian about it, it’s a very dull book by the end of the year. I’d be up for a journal-along, maybe it would keep me a bit more creative in a daily task that is usually blah.
And I love the gumball machine! They are my favourite :).
May you have many pink days my friend!

That lettering looks super pro to me, so I’m shocked to hear it’s your first time! And I LOVE the gumball machine idea! That’s super cute! Pinterest is like a black hole of awesome. lol.

I think I’m kind of the same way. I’ve started art journals before, and they’ll have like two awesome pages and then the rest becomes a to-do list or something. Maybe a journal-along would help get me out of that!

I’d love to journal along!

I made a gumball thing! It’s not a journal page but I was reminded by yours of how much I love that imagery and I was totally inspired to get all paper and gluey tonight.

Considering ita first time lettering without the perfect tools i think it’s wonderful, and the poem is beautiful, and I hope January will bring you a lot of red gumballs :smiley: good luck

I love this! I too am trying my hand at hand lettering, it’s quite fun. I’m hoping to improve over the course of the year. :blush: