Juliet flag mask

So, in the International Code of Signals for seafaring vessels, flying the “Juliet” (letter J, horizontal blue white blue stripes) flag alone means “I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board: keep well clear of me.” or possibly “I am leaking dangerous cargo.” This seemed… temporally appropriate.

Basic pleated rectangle mask, adapted from here to include adjustable & behind-the-head elastic:

On me:

On my husband, who recommends tucking it under the edge of his glasses so as not to fog them up:


What are you using as a barrier fabric, if any?

I was reading that those old vacuum bags were good, but now most vacuum cleaners are bagless!

I enjoyed reading your post with your touch of information re: mariner flags!


As per this article, I just went with the 2 layers of closely woven cotton. Their conclusion is that if you make it too filtering, then it gets uncomfortable & hard to breathe through, so people are less likely to wear them. I have a couple ideas about filter options to try later, but I started here since my spouse is still on office schedules. :roll_eyes:

Gotta get your in jokes where you can! :smiley:


Oh my goodness. Your flag theme is simply marvelous!

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Thanks…I just read that as well…I am going to make them for the kidney dialysis center…they are less restrictive and they have a way to sterile them after each wear…


This is perfect! Some days I feel like I need to apply this flag to my whole life :smile_cat:

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My husband has semi-seriously joked about getting it as a tattoo.


I appreciate your unique twist during this time. Great work!

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Hahaha!! It would be both stylish and practical!

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