July 2023 ATCs

Recent ATCs I made

This was for @curiousfae for a mishmash of her cornflower and Van Gogh themes

Zetti style for @irid3sc3nt

King Zøg for @irid3sc3nt

Prompt - include an eyelet

Prompt - collage

Prompt - vintage colors


These are all so striking and/or beautiful. Love your art!


LOVE! My favorite is the reflect one. Is that a grommet in it? I really like the composition.

it is!
Been loving the crop-a-dile. it punches through anything like butteh!!

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I saw one of those years ago on clearance for cheap and still kick myself for not getting it. I can’t justify it at a regular price because I know I wouldn’t use it, but I want it. You know…just in case. ha!

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Ah, you artisty types make me all jelly. Beautiful stuff.

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I think my favorite is the collage. But I for giggles I read the wizard one down instead of across, and now I can’t stop thinking about it as “Don’t want magic. You a daddy.” :laughing:


I love mine! I also like how this shows all the different styles you can create.