July quilt #one

The last one on the list is the first one completed.
It needed to be ready for tomorrow delivery to a team mate of D’s that’s going on mat leave.

My brief was “pretty sure it’s a girl, simple is great”.


It’s really lovely, classy and elegant

Such great colors! And the prints especially suit the blockiness of the blocks!

Do you find vague briefs more or less helpful?

Depends who they are from. :smirk:

This sort of thing, if D had hated it, I know would be fine to go to finish pile and get snapped up eventually.

But someone saying, I’d like a snuggle wedding quilt for my friends kid who is getting married. Is less helpful. Like. Give me a colour palette or pattern to jump off please

I have a commission in the works that handed me a bunch of Grateful Dead prints and said. “I want a not deadhead dead quilt” and since she is one of my oldest friends, I have free reign to run.
Another current project is a “big enough for two to lie on the beach scrappy riot of crazy”. These prompts are good for me.


I love this color combination.

That is gorgeous, soft and lovely. Really pretty.

Great colors!
I love the “not deadhead Dead quilt” prompt. Makes me twist my mind in a new way.

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Simple and lovely. Great work!

The color combo is very pretty.
I remember that Greatful Dead quilt while you were working on it. Did you finish it? I don’t think I saw it finished.

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It’s no where near done…

It lives in here until the rest of July list is done AND i clean the slothcave. :joy:


It may be simple, but it’s very pretty and well.one. I love the colors and all of the soft prints

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Pretty! Delicate and bold all at the same time.

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This would fit the bill, too, if the ‘pretty sure it’s a girl’ is wrong.


Kinda what i was aiming for. :wink:


A simple pattern in sweet shades. I think it’s lovely.