July quilt #six

Well eastery or not. It’s done and will go live with the new owner today.

This one came about while I was putting away some fabric and the colours together made me think of a young woman I work with. And when the universe says “do it”

I am powerless to refuse.

Also features a cow belting out something with racous joy to the world. And since the place we work is showing RENT this year it just made me laugh. And that’s a good enough reason for me to do anything.
So it’s called “moo with me”


LOVE those colors! Will you finish 7 for 7?

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It’s possible… I don’t work Monday :wink:


I love it when inspiration strikes likes this. I have made many things because something reminded me of someone or something made me think “such and such would love this”

Another beauty :heart_eyes:


It’s really pretty, and I love the colors. Honestly, I don’t see ‘Spring’ so much as I see that Gustav Klimt painting, ‘The Kiss.’


Wow. This is stunning! The bold colors are so joyous.

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Not Eastery. Joyfully bright and springtimey.

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I see spring joy too. Love the bright happy colors and fun design.

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I see a bit of Klimt in there too

Yes, it’s very Klimt-ish. But so many of his works feature bright, joyful colors as well, so there’s that.

Beautiful job - your quilting prolific-ness (it’s a new word, I just made it up) is astounding!!