July quilt #three

I don’t love this one, but the client does so that’s a win. . But i can now see a few tweaks to improve the idea.

Because I wasn’t super smitten with the front. I made a back that makes me smile. Even with the hated leafs on it.


The abstract landscape is a cool design. I like the way you quilted it to give more depth through texture.

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This is great. That quilting is so creative!

I like this one, it’s got a wonderfully calming vibe

Good job pushing through, it’s hard when it’s not your thing.

Many won’t get this comment, I do though :joy:

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I get it but I don’t get it. Is it very Canadian to be ambivalent about sports?

I like the quilt though. It got quiet subtle beauty.

I actually like it a lot, and normally pastel colours aren’t my favourite. I really like that the mountains, the sun and the sky are quilted differently.

I love the landscape!

Oh I am with your client on this one. A beautiful mountain scene!! Love!

It’s pretty great! The colors are on trend and the scene is relaxing. The back makes me think that the client has a “mixed marriage” of fans of rival teams. :exploding_head:

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Did you make up the pattern? It looks great. I am not surprised your client likes it. It’s awesome!

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I did not. Here’s the link.

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Someone went down a rabbit hole! Wow. So many great patterns there. Thanks for the link!

Third quilt and it’s barely mid-July!?! It’s lovely - very west coast! Poor Leafs, they never get any respect!