June ATC Collection

I made these atcs for the June Ongoing Atc Swap. I am going to blur a few because the recipient hasn’t received it yet. I still have one for roler yet to make, but I will add it once I complete it.

First up, I proudly went out of my comfort zone and created this hand-drawn girl for gozer. Drawing people is not easy for me, but I am so pleased with how “Molly” turned out!

In continuation of my Adventures of Lil Skunk pocket letter for reinikka, I made this atc to show her son’s enjoyment of “oval painting” aka watercolors.

For bunny1kenobi’s “unexpected crime” theme, I went with this fun age-old question:

For megwell’s trivia theme, I used one of the pieces of knowledge I’ve gained from studying for the art test. (Unfortunately, I did not get chosen for the 1 year temp art ed position, but that does not rule me out for next year when I should then be certified as the principal asked me to continue this process.)
In the style of Jeopardy:
Q: What is a ferrule?
A: This is the metal part of the paint brush that connects the bristles to the handle.

For bunny1kenobi again, I went with her greyscale (grisaille) with a pop of color. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a flower or something else completely I just started drawing and this emerged!

And lastly, once I complete my claim for roler, it will go here:

Thanks for looking!


Sorry about the job but your art journey sounds, and looks, exciting!

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Thank you. I’m actually a little relieved because I would have been crazy busy trying to teach and pass the course for my licensure at the same time, as well as being new band booster VP during the open season. Now, I can leisurely work towards certification and hope it is available again next year. I can still sub, so didn’t lose anything I didn’t already have. I am a bit sad, though.

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Fun! I like how you went out of you comfort zone!

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Great batch o’ cards! I particularly like the one about ferrules. Back when one of my besties and I were decorative painting contractors I called her the “Lady of Immaculate Ferrules” because she was very particular about that part of her brushes. Two other places to find ferrules: holding an eraser to a pencil and around gutter spikes (the long nails that hold rain gutters to the edge of a roof)!

I’m sorry you didn’t get the position you worked so hard for, but I am excited that you have a path to getting there and that you won’t be burnt out while you achieve this!

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