Junk Journal Add-Ins Gallery

Junk Journal Add-Ins Gallery

Swap Thread

Participant Partner Date Sent Partner
geekgirl Sunflower 7/15/24
geekgirl jemimah 7/15/24
bunny1kenobi tendstowardschaos 7/8/24 7/12/24
BeesKnees thanate 7/6/24 7/11/24
tendstowardschaos bunny1kenobi 7/9/24 7/12/24
Smmarrt LovelyMiss 7/10/24 7/15/24
LovelyMiss Smmarrt 7/7/24 7/12/24
Sunflower geekgirl 7/13/24
thanate BeesKnees 7/13/24
jemimah geekgirl 7/11/24
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Lovely package from @BeesKnees!!


Everything is so gorgeously earthy! I love all the watercolor elements, and that tassel is fabulous.

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Lovely work @BeesKnees
the color scheme is great.

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I love that it all goes together! And those colors are gorgeous!

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Love the color scheme! Everything is so beautiful!

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Put on your tinfoil hats and buckle up because I received my conspiracy/The X-Files themed package from @Bunny1kenobi, and it’s fabulous!

Naturally, it was packaged discreetly (in paper I mean to also use)…

…inside, was a folder…

…which contained this awesome hand-made - and very tentacle-y - Field Notes journal, stuffed with cryptids! (Seriously, every page, but with plenty of room for writing.)

There was also a beautiful, expandable - and stuffed! - ephemera pouch…

…that held the following goodies:

Fantastic alien/UFO-themed tags

An actual X-file!!! (pocket)

The most perfect leather envelope (that has a cardstock backing sewn to it for gluing into my journal) filled with tiny envelopes, and an HP Lovecraft folder with a tasseled paperclip (I love tassels!)

Super fun page corner embellishments and altered paperclips that are little pockets and stuffed with small cards and ephemera

Even more altered paperclips and awesome note cards

The coolest specimen cards!

Here is everything that was in that unassuming and non-descript package (after all, you never know who’s watching :wink: :crazy_face: :joy: )

Thank you so much for an awesome swap, @Bunny1kenobi! You are so very talented. As always, you were an amazing partner.


Thanks everyone! I was inspired and ended up having a lot of fun because of that. I accidentally finally figured out how and why a masterboard is handy when making ephemera :slight_smile: I used some of the prompts that @thanate gave me during sign ups to make that sheet and really wasn’t planning to use it for everything but it came out so cool I kept using it on all the items.


This is rad @Bunny1kenobi ! Everything is so great! I love how you stuck to the theme - you nailed it! I envy the final journal once it is all stuffed full of the goods :smiley:


I’m so glad you like your package! I had so much fun making everything!

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I love it all! I can’t wait to add it to my journal.

I just hope you’re as happy with what I sent you as I am about the fabulous package you sent to me.

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I’m so glad you like it!

I just checked for your package but it’s not here yet. Maybe tomorrow! :crossed_fingers:

amazing package @Bunny1kenobi !

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Thank you!

I got a STUNNING package from @tendstowardschaos! I have already added some of these things to my current junk journal and I’m considering making a second one so I can showcase even more of these lovely things.

First up, the card she sent. Gorgeous, right?

And I’ll be saving that seal for later, too.

These tags are so beautiful and I love the wax seals and bits of netting. So perfect!

Some lovely embellishments with lots of pretty texture:

All of these cute little bags and envelopes… yeah- keeping them! They will make some awesome and interesting journal fodder!

Check it the cutest string envelope! I love these!

And inside, wax seals featuring bees and mushrooms, and glue dots!

Speaking of wax seals, I get to join the cool kids who do these! Check it out! Excited to try this out!

Altered paper clips- I’m so tickled that we made these for each other!

The Grand Finale!! Look at this gorgeous folio! Oh, be still my heart….

There are 2 more altered paper clips in there ( look for beads…. You’ll find them!) and these hidden notes❤️!

They slide closed almost seamlessly and the note is then hidden inside the unassuming ephemera. I wish I’d made her some of these- they would have been so on-theme!

Oh, but wait… this grande finale has an encore! She sent me lots of extras from her stash of goodies!!

Among that tremendous assortment of delights were a couple of extra special treats:

A match book notepad with cool paper (which looks like it may have been hand printed)

And this adorable ephemera wallet!

Thanks so much @tendstowardschaos for such an amazing swap!!


I’m so glad that you like it! It was really fun crafting for you!

I actually did not print the craft paper - it’s from a huge pad that I may never get through. :joy:

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Here is my loot from @LovelyMiss. Full of pockets and journal spots and tuck spots.

First up a pocket with a card

And a tuck card

Photo won’t load - please see @LovelyMiss ‘s photos below.

A front and back card - I want to add this in right now!

This piece that looks like an envelope but doubles as an ephemera folio!


There’s more -

Another front and back card

And some extra papers and the cute panda card

Thanks so much Ashley!


@LovelyMiss - the envelope and cards have such awesome texture! I love the translucent envelopes with the images inside.


Yay! So glad you like it @Smmarrt !!! Did the ribbon tuck card and other collage page make it? I ask mostly because the girl collage was one of my favorite items. :smiley: