Junk Journal folio

As one of the days for the 12 Days of Christmas swap, I made a junk journal folio. @Edel had mentioned ephemera, and one of her pinterest boards was ideas for “fodder”, not a term I had come across before. There were some fantastic ideas on there, which set me thinking. Then (via a rabbit hole of pinterest boards) I discovered an Etsy store that sells printable junk journal kits, one of them being in the form of a folio.

The outside of the folio, with a string and wrap closure -

There is a small notebook, envelope and a number of files with pockets, some of which are joined together to create additional little pockets -

The envelope was filled with some stamped flowers and words -

To create these, I used acrylic paints to create one sheet of greens and browns and one sheet of oranges, yellows and reds. I covered the sheets in a variety of stamps and fussy cut them all out. (I especially love how the leaves came out :smiley: )

Each of the little file folders has a pocket, which I filled with a variety of printed ephemera -

And some with leaves -

And where the folders were glued to create pockets, more ephemera was tucked inside -

The Etsy store is this one - My Porch Prints. I may have purchased a few more items, including a Christmas version of this kit!


I especially love how you did the leaves!

What a beautiful and thoughtful project for a fellow collector of ephemera!


This is still amazing, and even better in real life. I’m so lucky to have it!!


Amazing! I really love the bright ephemera pieces against the more muted folio.

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It’s so lovely! I like the kit (thanks for the link, I’ll happily fall down that rabbit hole!), but the addition of all the beautiful ephemera makes this amazing.

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Wow, beautiful! I love the stamped elements you inserted into the envelopes.

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This is gorgeous! I love those leaves!!! :heart_eyes:

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You fussy cut those leaves! I am not sure if you are amazing or insane! Ha! The entire kit turned out incredible. It’s so beautifully done.


This turned out gorgeous.

Thanks for the link… the rabbit hole may be calling my name, too…


Very cool-- I also love the leaves! (mmm, oak leaves :heart_eyes:)

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That’s just lovely. All those pretty green leaves are really beautiful.

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I especially love the leaves too! This looks like a wonderful gift :heart:

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Love this so much! and love the fussy cut leaves!

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:balloon: :balloon:Congratulations! This awesome project is featured this week! :balloon: :balloon:

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That is so lovely, thank you :smiling_face: