Junk Journal with Junk Cover!

I made this journal for the Handmade Journal Swap and check it out if you want to see more pages. Link below.

It’s actually a @geekgirl technique and I have a wonderful painter palette wall piece from her. It is one of my all-time favorites. (I didn’t realize I was using her style at first for her journal…I get really caught up in the process sometimes.)

I started with front and back covers from an old book, used lots of glue to attach things, attached some more, and then painted everything True Blue Deep. Added antique gold and bronze/copper highlights.

My DW makes cigar box ukuleles and we have stacks of cigar boxes. She let me have this one, it’s really too shallow for a good soundbox. I added a bit of velvet and since it had a perfect little display shelf all ready for a cigar, I substituted a pen for those thoughts and sketches. The little journal just needed a ribbon and stamp on the cover.

The inside pages were a scavenger hunt through my many boxes of found papers, Gelli prints, and other odd things. I had to relearn how to bind the silly thing, but I caught on again. It had been a while since I had used that technique. There are a good number of blank pages (except for a stamp or two) throughout the book.


Really lovely! And perfect for geekgirl! I love the shell.

Awesome!! :star_struck: :star_struck:

So gorgeous! What an awesome book!!!

I like the blue color with the bronze and copper. It looks regal!

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I think it’s great! If you hadn’t said anything I would have assumed that you made that style just because it was for me! it’s perfect!

I think it was just magic. And I did make it just for you, the journal just insisted on having that cover! :yum:

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