Junker Jane ATC dolls

Just finished some Junker Jane style ATC dolls. The heads were painted with watercolor.


I’ve never heard of an ATC doll and now am in love!


I’m so proud of you for trying something new. I like the bottom 2 best.

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So cool! I didn’t know there were ATC dolls!


How creative and funky and colorful! These are awesome and would make cute brooches :slight_smile:

They really did turn out like junker janes!!


Thank you all! The arms and legs swivel up… so they fit in the sleeve. They make smaller brads… but there were not any to be found in my town.
The head and body should be the size of the card… so they all are close to the same size.


These are fantastic!

I love them and I love the idea!!! So creative and cute! I feel a swap coming on…

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I love these!

I also recognize the glittery background :smiley:. I have to let you know, my family loved the ATCs you made for them before Xmas! They were so surprised to get them!


Super cute!!

such a cute idea. I had not heard of ATC dolls either. I like the idea of the repositional limbs so it can be folded up to fit in a typical 2.5x3.5 sleeve.


SUPER cute!! <3

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Yay tiny jointed dolls!! I need to make some more of those sometime. :green_heart:


Right? I feel like this opens up a whole new world of possibility.


These are so cute. I had never heard of them either but I can feel a swap coming on once swapping opens. These are awesome!

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Oh my gosh, these are so adorable!!!

They are cute! I love the combo!

I had never heard of Junker Jane ATC dolls either! I made a Junker Jane doll in a JJ swap a few years ago, but that was a sewn one.

Great job on these! Thanks for inspiring us!! :orange_heart:

Such a fun idea, Junker Jane ATC dolls.
They are lovely!
The one with the blue/purple socks is my favorite.