Just Fold It In

I love the show Schitts Creek. The episode where David and Moira are cooking and the recipe says to fold in the cheese but neither of them knows what that means. Kills me every time. Here is my version of “fold in the cheese”


One of the best bits of the show for sure! My favorite is the Moira’s Rose’s roses. Every time I hear the line about the credit card, I laugh so hard I cry.

This is amazing! I hope you hang this in your kitchen! :hearts:

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I love this!

It’s really not that complicated, once you fold in the cheese.



I don’t watch this show…rushes off to google and watch the clip…oooh, now I get it!!

I agree with @storerboughtcreation: I hope you hang it in your kitchen!


Oh, dear heavens…this is fantastic!

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If it’s so easy, you do it! :rofl:


Hahaha, love that show, and this! The lettering looks fantastic!

LOVE! That scene is one of the best ever!

“If you say ‘fold it in one more time…’”

I don’t know the reference, but it sounds funny. The letter is fantastic. Love the “C”.

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:rainbow: Well, lookie here! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :fire:

Awww! Thanks!

OMG I LOVE Schitts Creek!!! Well you know you Fold in the cheese, just fold it in…

Love it!

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I don’t know how to fold broken cheese!

This is seriously fantastic. The degree to which I adore Schitt’s Creek is a little frightening.

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love this! and really…David has a valid point… :joy: