Just in time for social isolation

Usually when seasonal depression kicks me around I make granny squares. Today, when both of the menfolk in my life, have been mandated home from school or work from home, I finished this winter’s Afghan. Just in time for blanket fort isolation.:confused:

Wash your hands, drink plenty of fluids and take care of each other. :pray:


You will have the prettiest blanket fort! :heart_eyes:


This is so pretty. I like the mix of colors.

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Those are the prettiest granny squares.

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How pretty! It looks like it would be a great way to stashbust, too.

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I don’t actually have yarn stash. But I begged, borrowed and stole others bits too small to use. Luckily yarn folk are a lot like fabric folk. :wink:


I love your colours, and the size of your squares too :slight_smile: Finished just in time for snuggling under :blush:

I love how colorful this is! And, I feel like I could use a blanket fort myself!

And, I think I might have to dig out a stack of granny squares and get working on joining them together. If school closes for an extended time, I could have a blanket fort by the time we go back!

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Adorably scrappy, and great to snuggle with while we all stay home. :hearts:

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