Kamikiri (youkai) Hoop - Monster Jam

Another old hoop resurrected for the Monster Jam! This guy’s a Japanese youkai who will snip off your hair in the dark!



And the image I based this on:

Original Craftster thread:


Ha ha, @AIMR & I might like a visit from a hair trimming creature some time sooner than later. We’re getting shaggy.

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Mom wants me to cut her hair; she even ordered some hair dressing scissors. I have no idea how! I’m terrified! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I need a haircut! he can come visit me.

As I was composing my response, I checked the link, and I’m embarrassed to say my response is almost IDENTICAL to what I previously said! Apparently, I am not very new OR original in my thoughts? And I love it just as much as I did before?


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So I already commented in the swap thread, and then saw he was given his own thread! Yay!

I actually noticed and admired the fabric almost immediately. I felt like it was a nod to classic woodblock prints, but with an updated vibe. Also, purple and green is one of my most favorite combos. I think it POPS, and you should have no regretsies!

I’m a Netflix streamer during projects as well. Its a great ways to get a twofer!


From swap thread:

[I’m always intrigued by the way you break out the image layers. Seeing the original and looking at the final piece, I would not have chose to do it that way, and would have been wrong! I’m saving both images to use as reference.

I’m not familiar with youkai and I have got to check them out, now. Although cutting off my hair and leaving it behind is creepy/threatening/petty all at once! I mean, it’s not even a trophy, just mean-spirited random aggression! (oh, wait. Well. That might make sense then.)

Really talented, roler. Impressive as always. High five!]

Super cool!

too late…I made a ponytail and cut it off…my hair is now chin length by the time I evened it out…sort of a crazy shag, but I am fine with it…now if only my hair color will arrive or else I might be using a sharpie…ha ha ha

Great monster from across the globe, @roler!

Maybe it was a long distance Kamikiri possession?

Sharpie works on bleached hair, we tried it on my daughter’s this summer.

It is amazing on it’s own but seeing the reference, it is spot on! All those little snips. This is fantastic.

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You are a wizard of felt, @roler! Amazing job!

This is rad!

Your monster hoops are all fabulous! This one is a perfect replica of the original.