Kanzashi-Inspired Bunny Ring Pincushion

Over a year ago, I had the idea to make a cute mochi bunny kanzashi hair decoration, I think for Easter. I got as far as doing some research, making the base, and gathering/stuffing the fabric. Then, it sat on my desk as an unfinished white blob trailing strings for…just…so long. :joy: One day sitting there embroidering, I just stuck my needle in it for safekeeping, and it kind of evolved into a random tiny pincushion for months. Finally, I gave in to it, abandoned the original idea, and decided to just make him the best mochi bunny :rabbit: pincushion he could be!

I used a soft jersey tubing I had to make the ring portion, so it’s very soft and not irritating, but also kind of folds to the back so he can perch on my table, too, if I don’t want to wear him. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m so delighted he finally had a finished purpose, and I don’t feel guilty staring at it anymore! :grin::+1:


SOOOO adorable!!

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Aww, what a cutie! I’m glad the bunny has found his purpose.

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So cute! I don’t know if I’d have the heart to stab it!

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Thank you, @endymion and @Bunny1kenobi and @MegAskunk !! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And, he doesn’t mind the poking. I think he’s pretending to be a hedgehog! :grin:


Lol! :grin:

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Flippin’ adorable!!!

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Cuuute! He knew what he wanted to be. :wink:

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very cute!
But I don’t stick pins in anything with a face. I’ll eat critters with faces, but sticking pins in them feels wrong. I used to make dolls, and always had to remove all the pins at night.


So cute and so handy!

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:sewing_needle: :green_heart: :rabbit2: Congratulations! Your adorable Bunny Pincushion is a Featured Project this week! :rabbit2: :green_heart: :sewing_needle:

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I absolutely LOVE this. It’s such a fantastic idea and its so cute. I love a cute and useful craft!


It’s so adorable and perfect for tiny pins :smiley: sometimes ideas evolves into something else, and this time it was perfect evolution :smiley:

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That is just too cute!!