Katnip Kicker Toys for Kitty Kats!

One of my oldest friends (almost 35 years! gulp) is adopting his first ever pet! It’s a kitty cat he’ll be co-parenting with his partner. EEP!


She’s a one-year old with a litter of just-about-weened kittens; in a few weeks once she’s spade and recovered she’ll be joining his family. So I whipped up these 3 out of the very last of some old Ikea fabric in my stash. WOO! I also used up the red thread on a bobbin doing the decorative stitch to close them up. There’s batting and catnip inside.

I made similar for our cat family & friends for xmas and they were a hit, so hopefully she will like hers, too, when she’s all healed up and settled in.


Fun! I like how you played with your machine’s fancy stitches for the closing seam. :smiley:

So thoughtful! I’m sure they’ll be lots of fun!

Super fun stitching! I hope the kitty loves them.

Thanks everyone!