Keep Those Blues A'Coming

Thanks…I am working on a purse that has the actual sashiko style hand stitching…I just felt lazy on this pouch and wanted it done to use up my scraps…I think the machine stitching looks like it on the blue, so that is good enough


Well I see it and didn’t know about your intentions, so YES, it is good! Better than good enough.

Mhm, yeah the Sashiko stitching by hand isn’t my thing so I will probably try it with my machine. Now I know it can be done :grinning:

Thanks for sharing!!


OOOHHHH, it is your birthday!!! I see the cake next to your name (yeah, pretty late after so many posts haha)

Congratulations Linda!
Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! Have a great day! :cake: :kissing_heart:


Thanks…I am going to spend it painting and having dinner with my husband!

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