Kick Spindle?

Does anyone have any experience with a kick spindle? I really want to upgrade from my drop spindle but spinning wheels are just so expensive. I stumbled upon a kick spindle in my search and it’s much more in my price range (and I like that it’s on the smaller side). Is a kick spindle much of an upgrade? Is it worth it, or should I just save up for a wheel? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!

I don’t know anything about kick spindles, but an electric wheel could be a bigger upgrade step for you without breaking the bank. They seem to be in the $300-$500 ish range, vs a traditional wheel that can get up into the thousands.
I have my eye on a Daedalus e spinner, after I practice more with drop spindle and figure out if spinning is something I will readily get invested in.

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Oh here’s a video by Daedalus Wheels that was posted for Virtual SSK 2020 on YouTube!

Daedalus Wheels on YouTube

I’ve never used a kick spindle, but I would hold out for a wheel.

As for traditional or electric wheel that would be based on your preference. Both have a wide range of prices from a few hundred up into the thousands. If you look on Ravelry or fiber equipment groups on Facebook or even Craigslist you can find traditional wheels used for a good price.


Thanks for the info!