Kids' Art Wall

Somehow, I managed to create two children who have never drawn or painted on our walls. Ironically, I actually wanted to encourage them to do so. :joy:

We live in Arizona, so outdoor play is a year-round experience here. Sometimes in mid-summer, though, we have to take shelter from the heat & sun around noon for a bit. So I wanted to extend our indoor space and make a creation space for the kids (…and me). And so, our art wall was born!

From plain old garage wall…

To what is now probably my favorite place in our entire house.


I spend too much time in the garage now… :grin:


I love that you’ve made your home a work of art!

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Great idea. My sister made a chalk board wall for her kids on the half wall that separated the family room from the kitchen.

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Beautiful projects, so much sweetness.

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That is so fab! I hope you post more pics as more art is added :smiley:

This is so awesome. I’ve had dreams of doing this in my house. But I rent. Boo

This is so wonderful! Love this hard!!!

Perfect wall and artwork :slight_smile: Your artist is adorable too :slight_smile:

There is always someone out there. It makes me so happy. I’ve found, if I just leave the step stool, brushes and paints out, it’s an open invitation to stop and create.

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How wonderful that you decide to give them this memory, awesome parents

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