Kitschy Vintage Valentine Wreath

Edited/ updated to add that I added something (a large, purchased sparkly cat Valentine) when I actually hung it on the door; new picture is the first one below.

Got obsessed thinking about doing a kitschy Valentine wreath… Gave in and made it today. Here it is, in all its over-the top craziness…

It was SO much fun to make!!! I spent half a day arranging and re-arranging stuff.

It’s got a chunky-yarn backdrop and vintage glass ornament dangles. Most of the stuff is vintage, though not all. Gives it a very retro vibe… Vintage elements include:

Bow at the top
Pink plastic dancing dolls
Spun cotton heart-shaped cupcake picks, circa 1960 or so
Little bouquets of paper and/ velveteen flowers
Warbler whistle
Jewelry-pink flower pin and earrings
Plastic Cupid charm
Tiny ballerina
Sequins creations
Silk flower spray
Plastic baby’s breath
Mother-of-pearl heart
Tiny pink clay rosette
Seam binding lace

Everything else is newer… not super-new, though, because almost everything is from stash except for the plastic “Sweatheart” heart.


Oh wow, that is fantastic!! I love the kitschy vintage awesomeness :sparkling_heart:

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Well this is just the bee’s knees! Super duper cute.

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Freakin adorable!

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That is adorable! I love the vintage feeling of it.

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I love this so much! I can’t believe you used a lot from your stash. I’m jealous you had that much to work with!

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I just LURVE this!

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I love this a lot! Plus, I want all the neat stuff!

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I’ve been stashing specifically for “kitschy Valentine vibe” (and kitschy Christmas vibe) for a few years. Garage sales, thrift shops, etc. The 1950’s/60’s cupcake picks were inherited through my mom’s father, who was in the bakery supply business. They are probably the item that inspired this…


This is so pretty!

Squee! That weeny itsy bit of a sugar plum fairy ballerina! Ooh, this is just the most adorably charming wreath ever!

Now I have more stuff to look for when I go thrift and antique. I have an iris case with some valentine stuff, but it’s mostly papers, stickers, and ribbon.
I had made a wreath out of strips of fabric in Valentine colors a couple years ago, but I wasn’t interested in that wreath this year. I think if I gathered enough stuff, I would attempt this although I won’t be able to have any paper pieces on it because I don’t have a storm door to protect my wreaths.

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0h, you should definitely try it! I hang most of my wreaths indoors. Our coat closet has a door that is directly in front of you, when you enter our front door. It’s much nicer to have a wreath there, than just a bare door.

I am super impressed with your vintage stash!!! This is adorable.

I never knew I needed a Valentine wreath until I saw this. Utter vintage-kitsch perfection!