Kitten Lap Quilt

We foster kittens and those little foster kittens have sharp claws and in the winter, fleece is too full of static. And who doesn’t like a lapful of kittens? My DW asked for a lap quilt and she got one!

8 flannel leftover layer cake squares + pieced together padding + a “just the right size” piece of light green denim (I have no idea where that came from) and some black flannel for binding. About 19" x 28".

This was quick and easy. Adding the corner/diamond design made it fun. I normally don’t like to piece with flannel, too soft and easily distorted, but this was just right.


It looks so great! Nice work, very thoughtful composition.


lovely quilt.

How do you get to foster kittens? I want to foster kittens!
but I’d fall in love and want to keep them all. :crying_cat_face:


What a great idea and a beauty too!

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Awww! May your foster kitties get all the snuggles they need now that your DW’s lap will be suitably protected. :heart_eyes_cat:

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We work with a local center. They are great and handle all the medical and placement of the kittens. And we have found that we love them, delight in them, and are happy to have them go to their forever home so we can have some peace and quiet! They are about 3 - 4 months old when they get to go to a new family. It’s our way of having kittens often without ending up with a houseful of cats. We have a two cat rule and our own two cats do rule!

They always need fosters at shelters, kittens, mom cats, older cats, and if you like dogs, they need love too.


Perfect! Now we need an action shot with kittens on the lap quilt, of course!


That looks super cozy! Add kittens snd it might be a little too cozy!

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Not the lap quilt but…


Aaw, that picture!

But back to the top: I love that kitten lap quilt!

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Contact your local shelter and ask what their requirements are for fostering. They should have a list of requirements available. Most shelters are thrilled to have people volunteer to foster, and will work with you to make sure you can meet their requirements.


Congrats! Your Kitten Lap Quilt is one of this week’s featured projects. You are amazing! :heart: :tada:

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Whee! and the kittens and my DW love it!. The kittens are in the climb and jump stage so lap protection is helpful.

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Oh. My. Goodness! Those kitties are adorable. The quilt is a wonderful idea. It’s pretty and it looks like they love it!
I foster the other way, elderly cats. It’s so wonderful! I hope more people foster. Shelters need volunteers!

That is so wonderful fostering elderly cats, they are so sweet and loving. We started fostering kittens when we lost an elderly cat…just to have kittens around. Then we adopted a kitten (not any we fostered…go figure). he’s 2 now and is the best kitten socializer around. Our older cat teaches the kittens the “don’t bother me, go away” part of socializing kittens. LOL. This group will be with us til early March.

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