Kitty Couch

I am finally completed with the best project that I have ever made!

I purchased the pattern here :

Then I got to work! Here are the in progress pics! $22 in materials, 30 hours of crochet time off and on while watching TV. !!! happy dance


Wow! That is amazing! So much work! Where’s the appreciative kitty?

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She’s knocking things over and trying to climb the TV of course! Lol 🤦


That’s adorable! I hope the kitty loves it!

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Wow! That’s a major accomplishment. Hope your kitty loves it!

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This is amazing! I hope kitty loves it, too!

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This totally rocks and your kitty will love it!

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This is great! Lucky kitty!

That’s so cute! :smiley:

This is so cute. You’re going to have to lure your fur baby on it with some treats.
PS. All I could think of while looking at this was Pee Wee Herman. LOL! Awesome!

This is all kinds of awesome! Seriously rad!

Well…now I need to make a couch for Charlie.
That’s awesomely adorable!

Right? I think Monty needs one.

I’m surprised the pattern was only $1.99. I would have paid a lot more. It is really well done. I hate handsewing so I attached all pieces together with surface stitch slip stitches, which worked very well.

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Congrats! Your Kitty Couch is one of this week’s featured projects! You are awesome!

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This is adorable! Well done.

I am honored, this makes me very happy!


OMG! This is adorable. And the baby on it makes it even more adorable!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Awww, she loves it!

Love this!!!

I actually JUST bought a pattern for this the other day and am excited to give it a try… after I finish about a dozen other things I’m already planning/working on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yours turned out AMAZING! And such a pretty color!

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