Knit toddler sweater

I love how this turned out, but it took soooo long.

Its a light sweater for my neice, following this pattern from Ravelry: Ravelry: Easy Pullover for Babies, Toddlers and Kids pattern by Purl Soho
In this nice bamboo/cotton yarn: Soft Bamboo Double | Yarn | Go Handmade -

Ok, the taking forever bit was mostly my fault and worth it in the end, cause the tiny stitches are super pretty and its nice and thin.


So beautiful! The tiny stitches were totally worth it. It has such a natural and cozy vibe.


It’s so pretty and looks incredibly soft.

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Teeny, tiny, and absolutely gorgeous stitches. This turned out so great! I bet it’s so soft from the bamboo/cotton yarn. What a treasure.

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It is sooo soft. I was briefly tempted to make myself something, then remembered how long this one took. :laughing:



Um, WOW! That is incredible!!!

This is gorgeous!! Love the style.

Beauty. I’d want this on my size for sure.