Knitted ear savers - pattern to save sore ears from wearing masks

A friend sent this little amazing idea for easing the wear and tear on those poor ears worn out by wearing the very necessary masks for their jobs. I can knit these up sitting in my recliner while doing the very tiring job of binge watching. And it should translate easily to crochet.


That’s such a fantastic idea - thank you for sharing!

Yes, I’ll bet these are greatly appreciated!

Those are cool! I have been attaching instructions to the masks I send out to use a piece of panty hose or t-shirt strip to pull the elastic back off the ears…these would be a much better option

OK, sample time.

Blue: Crochet, double-strand, H hook. 1.5 x 5", stretches to about 6"
Yellow: Crochet, single-strand, slightly smaller random hook, 1.25 x 4.25" stretches to about 6"
Red: Fabric. 1.25 x 5.5" no stretch, of course
Orange: Knit, No. 8 needle, single-strand. 1.5 x 5.5", stretches to about 8.5"
Orange with yellow end: Knit, No. 8 needle, double-strand. 1.25 x 5", stretches to about 6.5"

Obviously, quality control was out of control. But none of these took me too long and I haven’t added buttons for testing. All were acrylic yarn and from a rainbow soft frisbee project.

The fabric one was OK, kept slipping down my head, but the mask elastic was too tight for this size.

I’m working out an adjustable design, but haven’t had the light-blub effect yet.

I’m also thinking the pantyhose or t-shirt strip would be much less trouble!

I did some in crochet! A variety of sizes until I hear back about how they fit and feel.

I do like the crochet best, it’s denser and has some give. I love the color combinations with the buttons, fun.

I’m stash busting! This is so great for yarn ends and all those random buttons. They are super fast to make too.

Stretchy fabric should work well for this idea!!