Knitted & felted jar cosies

My lovely & generous step-mama @heartart gave us these fantastic things when we visited her last weekend. I love them!
They are nicely insulating but I am using this one to keep condensation away from the wooden surface of the bedside table.

This is stretched to fit the bottom of my work desk jar.

Rob keeps hot water warm with this one.

Aren’t they nice? What do think of them?
She is super creative & was a great crafty influence in my early years. It’s awesome going to visit & seeing all her creations. She does so many wonderful things! I hope she’ll share more here :slight_smile:


These look so homey and cozy and give the jar-as-drinking-vessel and even more deliberately earth-friendly vibe.

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I like these much more than coasters. You get 2-for-1-coaster and insulator

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Very attractive, and love how functional/practical they are.

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It’s like a portable coaster! Very useful and neat looking.

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