Knitted Snake

Finally got my grandson’s present done. He should be walking soon, so will be cute watching him carry a snake around that’s almost as big as he is, heh.

Now, it’s not the best pattern I could write, but my mind has really been just awful when it comes to knitting (plus it’s almost like my hands forget how to do it, O_o).

Anyway, better than I thought it was going to come out, and I’m still surprised as to how good I can make the eyes. Location wise? Not so much, heh.


Your grandson is gonna love this! :slight_smile:

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It’s lovely!

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Your grandson is going to LOVE this. It looks so soft and perfect for a youngster to carry around.


This is super cool and sure to be loved. Love the tongue!

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The stripes in the yarn work perfectly for this! You did a really good job creating the pattern, I would’ve thought you’d purchased a pattern for this.

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Such slithery goodness!

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