Knitting through the Zodiac - Leo

A couple of years ago I bought a series of knitting patterns that were named after the zodiac signs. I am just now getting to them and selecting yarns that are similar to the ones listed.

@loves2experiment sent me two balls of Schachenmayr Yarn (Aventica) that seemed perfectly suited for this Leo hat. I sized down since most patterns are a tad too big for me…I like a snug fit. I haven’t blocked it yet, but the hourglass cable pattern still shows nicely.

I think I have just enough left over yarn to make a pair of matching fingerless gloves…


Ooooh! The cables are very pretty! You’ll have to show us if you are able to make the gloves too.

Pretty! I love the cabling and the colors! The zodiac theme sounds really fun, is it 12 different hat patterns, or all different accessories?

Thanks! There are shawls, cowls, hats, scarves and mitts…

Toshology Collection by Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich


That’s so pretty! Love the cables.

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Super beautiful! You are such a wonderful knitter, yarn wizard!

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Gorgeous! I live the colors and the cables!

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Love this! Looks like it might have some slouch when worn too…very cool!

amazing as always, that yarn worked up beautifully to showcase the cables

That’s a beautiful hat!

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That is so leo! Now I need to see what Gemini looks like.

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I will work on that one next! It is a lovely purple shawlette!

Oh this set looks so fun! Thanks for the link :blush:

Nice colour combo.

Congrats! You are one of the featured projects for this week! You are awesome!

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So gorgeous!!! I love it!

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Beautiful! My mother was a 100%, textbook Leo, and I’m pretty sure this is a toque that she would have loved and worn year-round. So far, the astrological alignment is 12/12!

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