Knotted Beaded Bracelet with Dangles

I have a friend who I’ve known for 60+ (!) years–basically all our lives. Every summer she comes to visit me, and we always set one day aside for a crafty project.

These bracelets were our project one year.

For supplies you need waxed thread/string, embroidery floss, a big button for the closure, assorted beads and buttons and charm with holes big enough that the waxed thread can pass through.

With waxed cord, make double knot macrame until it’s long enough to make the button loop. Knot, leaving long strands loose. Thread embroidery floss through the loop. Make a couple of macrame square knot stitches with embroidery floss, around the waxed threads. String beads and such on a waxed thread. Pull down the embroidery floss strands on either side of the dangle, and make a half square knot or full square knot under the dangle. Repeat dangles and floss knots. Tie off and end with a large button.

Start by pulling two long pieces of waxed thread and folding them in half. Put a safety pin through the fold/loop and fasten it securely to something. You will make macrame knots, quite tightly against the pin. (Don’t leave a big loop there at the top.) Use two threads for the center core, and two to create double knots, macrame style, around the core.

Start making double knots with the waxed thread, until you have enough length to make a loop to fit around your big button. Take off the safety pin, and use the space it leaves to thread two of the waxed threads through. Make a small knot here to create the button loop. Re-fasten your work to a solid surface, pinning or taping the button loop, while leaving the remaining lengths of the waxed thread loose.

Now you need the embroidery floss, 1 long piece. Thread it through the button loop, and pull down until you have two even strands.

Create a few double knots of embroidery floss, using all of the waxed threads as the core.

This is the fun part. Lay out your beads and things into dangle groups.

String a dangle group onto a waxed thread. String all of your items, then an end bead, then double back through all of your items. Pull the waxed thread tight.

Pick up the embroidery floss, pull the two strands down on either side of the dangle, and make a half square knot BELOW the dangle, with all of the waxed threads as the core. This holds the dangle in place.

String another dangle, and make the other half of your square knot from floss. Again you want it below the dangle to hold it in place. Continue until you have the length you need. If you have something big on your dangle, you may need to make an entire square knot after it rather than a half.

Be sure to alternate right and left halves of your square knots so your bracelet doesn’t twist.

Finish by attaching large button and tying off your strings.


These are so beautiful!

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Simply lovely! So delicate!

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So pretty! I love how varied they are, and all the little dangles. Like a crazy quilt for your wrist.

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So pretty!

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Wow! I do love a packed bracelet and these do not disappoint.

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Those are just lovely, what fun to make & then wear them.

So pretty and such a treasured gift, I’m sure!

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I love y’all do this. And what a wonderful shared project!