Koi & Wave Tiara

I’ve been wanting to make a tiara or crown-like kanzashi hair accessory for a while, and the last two weeks I’ve put in some work on making that dream a reality.

While this tiara has a traditonal Japanese motif, and the wave itself uses modern holographic film, organza, and UV resin. I created the wave frame from glitter wire, freeform with a pair of pliers. I wanted the shape of the tiara to have the feel of a Russian style tiara - or kokoshnik.

The waterlilies and the fish are all folded squares of hand dyed silk.

The waves and koi have rhinestone and opalescent plastic bubble details.

The back of all the flowers and the fish are covered with chiyogami paper that I sealed with a coat of white PVA glue.

I wrote a more detailed blog entry about the influences and creation process for this piece here: http://www.appledainty.com/projects-by-discipline/tsumami-zaiku/koi-wave-tiara/ if you’re interested in reading more about it. :slight_smile:



incredible! The detail on the fish is outstanding!

Just STOP! This is gorgeous.

This is just so endlessly fascinating. I keep finding new details as I look at it. Way to go branching out into different creations.

Wow! Just incredible.

Amazing! I love the holographic foil and pearly bubbles in the water, especially. Have you had a chance to wear it yet? I’m sure it will look even more spectacular in use just for the sheer unexpected artistry of it.

:heart_eyes: stunning!!!

Wow. A real work of art. Beautiful.