Kona Cotton Panel Blouse

I saw this panel in a quilt store and had to have it. It was just big enough to eke a blouse out of. (It’s the Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton color sampler).

I spent a long time deciding where to put the seam to get the colors I liked on the front. Funny that it turned out to be right down the center back.

Pattern matching is my superpower.


I love this! I bought this same panel but I was just going to use it for book covers. Great job on your blouse.


I’m impressed by how well you got the swatches to match up side by side along the back. I’ve experienced the slightly warped nature of panels (including this panel in particular) and getting it to match straight across is quite the feat on its own!

I used this panel on the inside of a bag l, but find it far more impressive as a shirt!


What a great use for that panel. (off to find one even just to hang in the slothcave like a tapestry)
And yeah, that’s some impressive pattern matching

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Awesome imagination to use this panel for a top!

I love this so much! Great idea!!

Wow! What a cool way to use that panel!

Indeed! That looks terrific and I love the centre-back seam.

This is way too much fun!

This is the coolest shirt ever! LOL! Oh my goodness. I would stalk you if I saw you out in the wild wearing this and I would have to say hi. Anyone wearing this deserves some recognition.

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How fun!!

This is fantastic! I’d be like @gozer and stalk you.

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Congrats! Your Kona Cotton Panel Blouse is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

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This shirt is amazing! It reminds me of Pantone color swatches and makes me so happy.

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Oh, I love that! I know some graphic designers who would pay a pretty penny for a shirt like that! :smiley:

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Cool beans, kitty kill!

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What a great shirt! Love it!!