Krampus doll

My partner has received so I can post the doll I made for the Winter Decor swap! It’s my interpretation of Krampus. :smiley:

Krampus took on a life of his own. He started as a pattern for this Brenda Sanker Witch Gnome pattern. I altered it, adding horns, stuffing the arms and legs, and adding a tail.

Oh yes and a tongue. We cannot forget Krampus’ tongue.

He, of course, demanded his basket. I made it from worbla, raffia ribbon, leather scraps, and twill tape.

And then my child insisted that he needed victims buddies to accompany him. One didn’t seem enough so two it was.

And who really is Krampus if he doesn’t have his chains to rattle?

Krampus is made from drop cloths and the little dolls are made from muslin. All were given a vigorous rub down with a rag soaked in a concentrated coffee rinse.

Finally as a last minute addition, I gathered some twigs from outside and baked them in the oven before bundling them together to make his switch.


Love him! The whole package is wonderful and I can see that he took control of the creation process.


I like how your child thinks. :laughing: Their horrified expressions are perfect! Not to dismiss the kit designer’s work, because it’s a great design, but your rework of it into Krampus made it at least doubly awesome.


This really is amazing. I wanted to steal him from her. My cat, Frankenstein, wouldn’t stop sniffing him. I think he wanted to keep him, too. But mean old auntie took him away from us :rofl:


how festively creepy!


So incredible! I especially love the painted faces. You did a phenomenal job. I’m in awe.

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AMAZING! I love the effect you got with the coffee!!!


This is the best Krampus I’ve ever seen!


Love your krampus doll and all the love and thought you put into it. It is fabulous!!


This is an AMAZINGLY EPIC project!!! All the details! The horns! The eyes! The victim buddies!!! I love the hat, the vintage trim belt. The faces on the children! They’ve def seen some stuff! The tattered clothing!

So many rocker fingers!!! \m/


Thanks everyone! I had a TON of fun making him.

@marionberries yes he totally took over. Soo bossy!

@calluna thanks so much.

@storerboughtcreation :heartpulse: haha! :heart_eyes_cat: Poor kitty.

@steiconi thanks!!!

@gozer thank you! The pattern maker had really lovely instructions on how to paint the face for which I am thankful. Painting isn’t really my thing so that part made me nervous.

@Abbeeroad thank you! I got that tip from a doll makers page. I didn’t have the walnut ink the pattern maker recommended so google had to come to my rescue. :slight_smile:

Thank you @bethntim and @loves2experiment!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@JoyfulClover thanks! I love that you noticed his belt which is indeed vintage ribbon!


They are awesome!
And I also love how you photographed them.


I love this so hard!

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This is fantastic!

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I love the weathering on him to make him look so dirty! So cool! I’m so surprised that you got that dark of a look with coffee. I’m sure it smelled amazing while you were distressing him too. :slight_smile:

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HE. IS. WONDERFUL!!! Wonderful in the most horribly perfect ways!

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Thank you everyone! :heart::heart::heart:

It was some really sludgy coffee, like super sludge. Heh.

This fabulous project has been selected as a Featured Project for the week! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Congratulations!! :sparkles: :tada: :sparkles:
Way to go, @Rlynn! :+1:


Krampus is honored. Me too! :slight_smile:


Oh my, this is simply awesome.