Lake Wind Wyrm - Monster Jam 2023

Meet the free-spirited Lake Wind Frog-Dragon, Jira! He is shy and prefers to fly through the clouds but never strays far from home.

And stretching to catch the breeze

At his request, we added some other wind friends so that he can hang out a little more inconspicuously.

Hoping for many delightful chats in the summertime breezes this year!


OMG this is fabulous. Just, wow. Super creative!

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So cute! Is there a pattern? I would love to make one and share it with my MIL.

So super cool! What kind of yarn do you use for outdoor items?

He is a Wind Spinner body based on this tutorial with an impromptu head. For the last round, a 4 stitch picot was added in every 5th single crochet. I can write out a pattern of you would like, but the stitch counts might not be exact on the head.


I used the cheapest acrylic I could find. In this case, that is Mainstay yarns from Walmart. Cottons mold too easily and wool is not as readily available, so acrylic it is. Some blogs that I’ve read use Red Heart, but my latex allergy makes that brand a health hazard. I accidentally used some last week and my hands are still in really bad shape.


Red Heart yarn has latex in it?!? OMG, this explains so much!


This is FANTASTIC. I was going to ask for the pattern but see you’ve already shared it, thanks! I’ll probably make a couple, minus the head though.

Thank you, this pattern will be perfect. And I read what you wrote about Red Heart yarn. Yikes! I didn’t know it contained latex. I’ve used it so many times to make hats to be given out by charities.

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This is sooooo cool! I love his face!!!

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@Kwality570 thanks!

@Cindy @J-squared Red Heart yarn is supposed to be okay to use or wear after a thorough washing. I found a lot of information in this forum recently. Years ago, I tried Red Heart and ended up with respiratory distress but never hit upon the right words for Google to give up information until last week.

Beautiful and fun!

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I’m not certain how readable this is and would like to apologize in advance. Feel free to ask for clarification,I don’t bite.
If you just follow the body portion, you get a basic windspinner

:frog:Frog dragon pattern outline :dragon:

Always start with a 12 inch tail at the same side, no turning at all. If there is no head, end with another long tail.

Row 1: Using Gray yarn 55 Hdfc (half double foundation crochet)
Row 2: 2dc (American double crochet) in each of first 50 stitches, now referred to as the Body, 5 dc per stitch in last 5 plus 3 dc in back of last stitch of the body, 1hdc (American half double crochet) and 1sc (American single crochet) in the second to last stitch in body, forming a teardrop.
Row 3: Using mint yarn, 3dc per stitch on body. Slip stitch to middle of teardrop.
Row 4: Using Gray yarn, 5sc 4st picot into last stitch repeating along the body. At teardrop sc, 3hdc in first stitch 2 dc per stitch in six stitches, one sc, 1hdc, in the next and 2 DC per stitch to midline of teardrop, then repeat the same in reverse.
Gather from beginning of head to single crochet and slip stitch to form first eye space.
Gather from end to single crochet space to form second eye space.
Add in eyes, stitching in place.
Sew lower jaw at 2 stitches past eye, back under head to two stitches past eye on other side. With black yarn, add pupils to the eyes.

Braid yarn tails at the head.into pulling the ends into the open space between the original five head stitches, knotting underneath to form hanging loop.

Braid yarn at starting end and use to secure large tassel or wooden bead to the bottom. The weight of a large bead or large tassel helps resist light breezes, allowing for better spinning.

Round 1: 6 stitches in magic circle.
Round 2: Single crochet in each stitch
Round 3: Decrease all around, leaving tail for sewing

Lower Jaw
Round 1: Using mint yarn, 6 Half Double stitches in a magic circle
Round 2: Using mint yarn, increase HD in each stitch around.
Round 3: Using Gray yarn, 3 HD in each stitch around leave tail to sew with.

This is really fun and clever and creative!

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:rotating_light: :rotating_light: Weee-oooo! Weee-oooo! Congratulations! You’re super craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Wee-oooo! Wee-oooo! :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

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Thanks! I really appreciate it!