Lamb Ragu Puttanesca

This is my favorite lamb shank recipe from a good friend and neighbor, I make it often. The photo is the ragu just pulled from the oven. I remove the meat from the bone, stir it back into the sauce and serve it over pasta.


Seriously drooling over here! That looks delish!

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Can I come over? Looks yummy! My husband doesn’t like lamb (and in fact, wishes he could be vegan), so I haven’t made lamb dishes much since I got married. This one looks great!

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Come on! Thanks friends.

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This look yum. Might have to give this one a go.

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Ooo, yummy!

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My husband used to claim he didn’t like lamb. I’d serve it anyway, and he’d love it. A few weeks later, he’d claim he didn’t like it…
But my hubby never wanted to be vegan.


Haha…I’m with the husbands on this one…but I will send mine over! He would LOVE this. And all lamb-loving or not-loving aside, it looks absolutely decadent!

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Yum! Thanks for sharing the recipe too.

Thanks everyone!