Laptop pouch!

Since the 'Rona reared its ugly head, I’ve been working remotely and didn’t think I would need the laptop bag in my desk… I was wrong. We’ve driven across country a couple of times in the last 9 months and now my work PC has a few nicks. Not that the company will care but I do…

I slightly modified a pattern from Wonder Crochet.

It is double sided with florescent coral on the interior and grey on the outside. Technically reversible but its bright as you can see…

The button is 3D printed and made by husband from one of my drawings.

I’m using Lion Brand “Pound of Love” worsted weight and Joann’s “Big Twist” yarn (coral). The big twist is a little squishier than than the Lion Brand.


  • changed to a heavier weight yarn than the pattern calls for to get a larger bag size.
  • flap edging - I didn’t quite get how the edging was supposed to be worked so kinda winged it
  • added a button and loop to close.

Cool! I can’t believe you even designed your own button. Awesome!

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Thanks! The button is cast off from part of another project we are working on :slight_smile:

I love this look! I’m going to research it. Looks awesome!

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3d printing makes its way into more crafts. Yay!

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This is a gorgeous laptop case! I can almost feel how squishy it is by looking at it. :heart_eyes:

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It’s only difficult to get started, but once you have the hang of the pattern, it’s super simple.

the dude of the house is the digital/computer 3d person, I’m definitely better with 3d in meat space :wink:

Thanks - It is SUPER SQUISHY!!

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I’ve never seen this design done in yarn. Its very pretty and it looks like it would be super squishy! Love your color choice.

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very cool! love your color choices and that button is super cool

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Beautiful job!

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Very coo!

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