Last Minute Jean Jacket Surprise

One of my oldest and dearest friend in PA asked me to embellish her daughter’s jean jacket so she could wear it on her honeymoon trip. She asked me in August, so I told her I would. This was on top of trying to finish making her a wedding quilt, swapping, and a myriad of other things on my plate!

I thought she must have given up the idea because I never got the jacket…but then, towards the end of September, guess what appeared in the mail!!! We were leaving for the wedding October 25! I had so much to do, plus, I hurt my leg and had to have a cast put on…Yikes!

Anyway, I got done as much as I could and was stitching on the 10 hour trip there and in our hotel room. I told my friend that if her daughter (she is like my niece!) wanted more, she could send it back to me.

Here is what I got done at home before we left:

I machine stitched this on the back with the intention of doing the two side panels with embroidered flowers, bees, etc. The pin is one her mom gave me that is from her grandma’s things.

I got a bit of the front and collar done as well and finished those on the trip:

She loved the jacket and wore it and said it was enough for now, so I might be done with it and can concentrate on finishing her quilt!

She is a singer and musician, so I think it suits her.


I love this!!! It’s fabulous. Yay for getting it done in spite of everything. It definitely suits her!!

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It came out great! I like that it isn’t completely covered, it allows the colors to pop and the designs to stand out rather than blend into a whole. Nice choices!

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I love the embellishments that you added! They are perfect! Not super matchy-matchy , and they complement each other beautifully.

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I love it! So colorful and cheerful! I think people really have no idea how long it takes to do things like this. Kudos for getting it done, even with everything else that was going on.

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So cute & boho!
Great job and so quick!
I hope your leg is better :mending_heart:

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It looks great. I think it’s just the right amount!
And I hope you heal quickly!

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It’s beautifully done my friend.

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Nice work

Love this! Such lovely work on a really quick deadline.

That looks fabulous! Like a wearable prayer/intention flag. Very cool!

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