Latest Woven Scarf

I’m really liking the hybrid method of direct warping using a warping board and put it to use on this scarf.

The final warp is 3 of Color A and 3 of Color B.

To warp it:
Using Color A: * Thread 2 slots, skip 2 slots. Thread 1 slot, skip 1 slot. * (repeat 8 times)
Using Color B: * Thread 2 holes, skip 2 holes. Thread 1 hole, skip 1 hole. * (repeat 8 times) note: Start this in first hole after the first two slots of Color A

Wind warp on to your back beam. Now you have to adjust the warp to have 3 of Color A and 3 of Color B across the heddle.

The weft is 2 picks of each color.


That is so pretty! I haven’t done any weaving since I was a kid on a little child-size mini loom. This is a really striking piece

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That piece looks so precise and smart! Lovely work!

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That is so pretty!

Thank you all! It means so much!! I’ve only been weaving a couple months and I’ve learned so much already.



That is stunning and clearly took a lot of time and love to make. Fabulous!

This scarf looks so sharp and classy. Fantastic combo of pattern and colors. It’s so wonderful to see you sharing methods too! Thanks for sharing!

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That is so cool! Love the end result, and it’s really interesting seeing the WIP picture :smiley:

Beautiful! I don’t understand most of the terminology but it’s something I’d love to learn someday!

What a pretty scarf!

Beautiful - dare I ask, how long does it take to set it up on the loom, and then how long to actually do the weaving?

I love the pattern and it looks so soft,

You created a wonderful piece. How long did it take to make?

@Averia & @Jeanne , I didn’t time myself warping the loom but it took more than an hour but less than two. That’s with taking short breaks to stretch my back. It was the first time warping all of one color then warping the second color so I took my time.

It took a full, leisurely day to weave it, including twisting the fringe. I’m retired so I’ll weave for a bit then I go off and do something else for a bit, then come back to weaving.


Beautifully made.

Thank you!