Laundry Sorter Label Tags

I recently got a laundry sorter with 3 sections. TheMisterT needs a reminder which section is for which article. Ahem.

The blue floral print is from thrifted placemats (?) I picked up years ago. I used their scalloped edge for the bottom of the tag. The flower embellishments are also from a thrifted baggie of such things that is only about 1 year old! Same with the green velvet ribbon behind the grommet.



Not sure where the white backing fabric came from, but it appears as though I made something out of them sometime. I utilized the selvedge to avoid the thickness of a hem. The label is printed on that paper-backed cotton that you can run through your ink jet printer.


And here they are in situ.

Everything is from stash! Woohoo!


What a lovely solution! They look like they could make laundry…dare I say it… fun.

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Thanks! I don’t know about fun, but a little bit cute for 45 seconds!


I bet you have the most elegant laundry bin in the neighbourhood!


Lovely, lovely, lovely!

I can’t believe you had all these things in your stash and they all look like they were made to be together!

Thanks, pals!

It’s these situations where the burden of the ridiculous stash lifts itself for a moment! :rofl:

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#stashgoals :joy:

Bahahahaaa! Oddly, it’s also #destashgoals !

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What a cute solution!!!

Thank you!

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Pretty and functional! I love the little flower details on them. Great touch.

Thank you! The flowers really made them hit with me, too. :blush:

I love seeing personal crafty touches like this around in people’s homes!! Delightful.

Thanks! I do, too! But hardly anyone gets to see my laundry “room.” More of a small, walk-in closet than a room.