Layered Mandala Valentine Card

Four layers. I opened the file in CorelDRAW, stacked the layers, and played around with colors until I had something I liked, then went to my paper stash and pulled papers, then back to the computer to try the actual colors I had. Cut with Silhouette. (Set to plain cardstock and double cut.)

The file is from So Fontsy. I did a fair amount of cleaning up of excess nodes on the file before cutting.

And wow, I just noticed a tiny piece of pink that needed to get weeded. Can you see it? (To the right of the top of the red heart.)

I’m on it.


I ended up not using the top layer because at the size I cut this (5") I was not confident that l would be able to align those thread-like pieces.

Spray glue worked well.

If you’re wondering, it took me just over 3 hours, start to finish.


Beautiful valentine! Three hours seems quick for this kind of project - I’m (even more) impressed.

Very pretty!

@TheMistressT …which is why I laugh when people say, “Oh, you should sell your cards.” Uh huh.

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Same here with just about anything. I will usually just say, “well, this took X hours” and most people understand with just that.

Wow, gorgeous!

Beautiful!! I had to search for the unweeded pink piece. Sneaky!

I definitely don’t have the patience for this type of paper crafting. My hat is off!

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It’s absolutely lovely! Happy Valentine’s Day! :heart:

That’s so gorgeous, the colours! I see the wee pink piece, did you manage to remove it?

Very pretty. Lovely colors too. isn’t it weird how you can see things in a picture that your eye glosses over? I never would have noticed unless you pointed it out.

@Magpie I did! I plucked it out with a pin.

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How amazing! The colors make it sing!!!

:star: :mermaid: Congratulations! Your superb craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :fairy: :sparkles:

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This is lovely! Such an elegant design.

Spray glue! I was wondering how you got it all to stick together. Do you use a respirator with that stuff? I haven’t used it before.
The colors and style of the heart reminds me of stained glass. I hope that whomever has it incorporates it into their daily life.

@irid3sc3nt I went outside to spray.

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Beautiful work! Love the colors!

As usual, your attention to detail is what makes this extra special.