Leaf potholder - with free pattern!

I made a simple leaf potholder today, as part of the destash-along.

I’ve made a PDF of the pattern:

Leaf Potholder by jemimah.pdf (227.4 KB)


Print pattern - my printer is set to A4, so it’s best to print at actual size in case yours is set to letter size.

Cut 2 leaves in fabric, and 2 in batting (something heat resistant is good). I used leftover cotton/bamboo batting because that was what I had, but for a more heavy duty leaf you could use insulbrite or reclaimed wool fabric (give it a hot wash first to pre-shrink).

*Optional mod suggested by the talented @Magpie - cut one fabric pocket (mod is shown in the red version)

Stitch batting to each leaf piece. I quilted mine in a simple vein design. I just did it by eye, but you could draw the lines with tailors chalk. You could stitch lines or zigzags, whatever you like!

*Hem or bind the straight edge of the pocket. Lay right side up on the side where you want it.

Lay right sides together. If you wish, insert a hanging loop (3-4” of tape or ribbon, folded in half), into the seam near the stem. Make sure the folded side of the loop is on the inside.

Stitch, leaving a 2-3” gap for turning along the straightest part of the seam near the leaf tip.

Trim the batting close to the seam. Clip curves and corners.

Turn right side out and press. You can either stitch the gap closed by hand like I did, or topstitch close to the edge all the way around to finish. Done!

Other ideas:
Cut a smaller leaf and only quilt batting on one side to make a mug rug. Or cut a bigger leaf with one layer of batting or no batting for a placemat :seedling:


Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial! I love yours, it’s so pretty. I will certainly make one this month or next, I’m also on the destashing and use what you have train for 2020.

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This looks darling and I love the use of ricrac for the loop. Leaves are such an integral part of nature. This pattern would showcase any fabric choice and enhance any room.

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I love leaves. This is simple and lovely!

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This is really just the cutest. Thanks for sharing your tutorial! I love it as a stashbusting project!

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this could easily be modified to look like lettuce too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


how cute!

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I love this! I’ll have to see if I have any suitable fabric in stash, but I know I’ve got some cotton batting scraps I could use. I’m not sure how heat-proof that would be so I may try shrinking things down for coasters. Thanks for sharing!!

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That is so cute :smiley: I wonder if I should try making my own soon, as I need more pot holders :stuck_out_tongue:
And about the pdf, might not be able to upload them yet but you could always upload it to a cloud system like google disk or drop box or whatever you have and share it so people can download it.

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It’s lovely! Thanks for posting instructions and the pattern :smiley:

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Hi, jemimah! Would you mind sending me your PDF (jean@lettucecraft.com)? I will try to upload it to your post as our very first PDF pattern on LC! :heartpulse: Currently, only staff can upload PDFs, but I’m testing other trust levels as well! :slight_smile:


I have just sent it now. What an honour!! :smiley: thank you!

Thank YOU! :raised_hands:

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Added it to your post! :heart_eyes: Thank you, thank you!

Marking this thread as a tutorial, too!


Yay!! Thank you so much - I’m working on an embroidery pattern next :smiley:

So cute! Thanks for sharing your awesome pattern. :slight_smile:

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Neat and simple and fun. Thank you

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