Learning Patterns

For various reasons, I spent 2020 with the spuds in their rented college house. (It is a long story with a wonderful silver lining, but trust me it was an experience. The poor housemate had someone else’s mom move in for two weeks and she stayed for 5 months.) I had my sewing machine and some projects with my but I didn’t have access to my stash or many of my crafting supplies. So I decided to spend my time learning more about how patterns for dolls and toys work. I am pretty good at the two dimensional thing but anything more and I get frustrated.

I did a lot of research and looked at a lot of patterns. I ended up starting with some patterns by Ann Woods. Her work is adorable. Her work is tiny. This mouse is one of my first attempts.

I graduated myself to her tiny doll pattern. Everything was sewn by hand.

The US postage stamp gives you a reference point.

Eventually I started making my own patterns.

This guy is the first one I completed.

I love the itty bitty patch on his overalls.

Here are my pattern pieces made out of packing paper from Amazon.

Itty bitty criss cross straps. Look at that lumpy oddly shaped head.

My first attempt at a ‘button’ down shirt.

While it was a strange time, it was also strangely productive. My hand sewing stitches became much better. I learned a lot about pattern making. I made a lot of dolls. I spent a lot of quality time with the spuds, including the housemate who became just another one of my own.


Looks like time well spent. Learning new skills always feels rewarding.
I love the little mice!


Gorgeous work wow!! And what a fabulous way to make the most of a challenging time :sparkling_heart:


I love Ann Woods! I have made that tiny doll and her accessories for a few years. I have her owl, crow and songbird patterns as well…I like that they are hand sewn…it makes me slow down and enjoy the process.

I love that you branched out and made your own pattern. The ears are my favorite! ha Nice details on the clothing and you have learned quite a lot!


Wow! The scale of these guys is really surprising. I thought they were much bigger at first glance, but whoa - super tiny! I love that you got to the point of drafting your own patterns!

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I’m also an Ann Woods fan. I’ll be making some of her birds real soon. I’m worse at hand sewing than machine so I’m sure to cheat.

My fave that you made is the little overalls. Adorable.

If anyone needs larger soft doll patterns, I’ve got many to share.

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Amazing! Those dolls are so much smaller than I’d have thought.

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Such a sweet collection of cuties. I’ve always liked her creations, adorably nostalgic. I like Dinlife as well, all things denim being a favourite.

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Dinlife is cool. Thank you for sharing that.