Learning Textile Painting, Help with Tips and Tricks

Hello, my name is Manav Gangwani, What types of paint are used for textile painting?
Is pre-wash compulsory? How do I make sure the paint lasts through washing?

Please help with the above questions.

Thanks and Regards,
Manav Gangwani

Im not super good at these things, but I do know that some paints are meant to be ironed (often times on the back side) for them to be permanent.

But I know that my brother use wall paint to paint shirts, which dont need to be ironed. However, they can become a bit stiff at first.

Hopefully there is someone else who knows these things better than I do that can help.

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Hello! Most new fabrics, even though used in pre-made clothing, are coated with a sizing. So pre-washing generally is required.

They make paints especially for fabric, but they also make “textile medium” that you can add to acrylic craft paint to make it work for things that will be laundered. Sometimes that needs to be heat set, like skrutt mentioned. Usually it’s best to wash things inside out.

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great suggestion, thanks