Learning to color with alcohol markers

So I know adult coloring was en vogue for awhile and has fallen out of fashion, but I just got my first ever alcohol markers for xmas and have been playing with them. I utterly lack drawing skill, but I’m pretty good at coloring.

The first image was an embroidery pattern I found online and I printed it and used the outline to do my own coloring on marker paper.

The second image I found online from an artist named Naomi_Lord and again, I just traced the outline so I could color it on marker paper.

This third image came from one of my older coloring books (Enchanted Forest, Artist’s Edition) which has single-sided pages that are a heavier card stock.

The alcohol markers are definitely different from other (water-based?) ones I’ve used in the past. But it’s been fun because they have such a deep saturation of color to them.

So, it’s not exactly art per se, but it’s still a creative endeavor and I’ve been enjoying revisiting coloring the past few evenings because it really is an enjoyable way to unwind and relax.


What brand did you get? And did it come with a blender? If not, any brand blender should work. You did a great job. The paper is the key. I adore alcohol based markers. Copic are my favorites. Love The Child images you chose!

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Thanks! Yeah it did come with a blender but I haven’t ventured that far yet. LOL These are the first times I’ve ever used them so I’m still trying to figure it out. :smile:

These are an off brand; Arrtx I think it was? I was looking at the Ohuhu ones but the pack was smaller for more cost, and I thought I’d start with something cheaper just since I’m learning. (There was a good lightning deal on amazon which nudged me too.) If I really like it, I can always upgrade later. I know Copic are the gold standard, but they’re definitely more than I need being just a beginner who’s in it for fun.

And, yeah, I had to start with something fun and it’s hard to go wrong with anything of The Child!!


A word of warning: make sure to scan anything you’re particularly happy with, as alcohol markers are not archival & may not be colorfast over time.

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Your coloring is good. I like the images you chose. I love coloring and mostly use gel pens and have a doodle coloring book. I color a page then cut it up and make note cards.


Oh that’s good to know, thanks! (Makes sense given that I work with alcohol inks in resin and they are NOT light fast either.)

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