Learning to draw and doodle


I want to learn how to draw, and I don’t know and/or am overwhelmed about where to start. Do you have any favorite drawing websites / accounts / tutotrials / videos?

Thank you!


Hi! For doodling designs, I like to go to Pinterest and search for boards (collections) named “zentangle”. What I really like is there are so many little step-by-step visual guides to creating various designs. So many people make these instructive illustrations that I haven’t seen a central place where they all live; therefore Pinterest has been the most useful source of this kind of instruction for me. Here is an example of a board of Zentangle designs, chosen at random.

I don’t have any specific sources for learning to draw, unfortunately, since I still don’t know what I’m doing, myself. :smile: I just heard folks talking about the book “Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain,” so that might be worth looking into.

I love Stephanie Fizer Coleman for drawing/illustration tutorials. She’s got an email list that you can join or you can explore her offerings here.

Can you get books from your library? Or ebooks from them? That would be another good free resource.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book. “You can Draw in 30 days” by Mark Kistler. He also has a youtube channel. He has a playlist with 13 days of learning to draw (I assume from the book?):
He has so many more videos on his youtube channel as well.

“Drawing on the Right side of the Brain” is a good book too. I’ve read a good portion of this one.

I think I would start with Mark’s book though as it is a lot more hands on and geared towards someone just starting to draw. Its been a number of years since I read the second book, and I know there are exercises, but there’s also a lot of reading and theory. Maybe try this one after the Mark Kistler book?

The few things I can draw convincingly I learned to draw from Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station PBS show! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Otherwise I’m not sure I’m qualified to weigh in on this. Just thrilled to be reminded of MK today.)

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Thank you all! I will see where this leads me. Also the city library does seem to have both books! And I really appreciate the online resources while I figure out how the library works nowadays… :slight_smile:

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Most of the drawing tutorial youtube channels I watch are for drawing on Procreate. Do you want to draw digitally or on paper? I have tons of recommendations if you’re interested in digital.

I’m interested in both! Do I need any specialized tools for drawing digitally? If not (or if reasonable) I would definitely be interested