Left Hand Configuration

As a left hander I’d love to have an option to switch to a layout better suited for me if it’s simple to configure!

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Ok, I’m curious-- what would be better? Mirrored page elements? Is there a guideline for this somewhere?

Really there should be such an option for all web pages. Most are designed with fluid layouts these days so one more would be a lefty layout. Brilliant idea.

I had a left handed boss once and rather than switch his laptop to a righty every time I had to use it, I would just adapt to his configuration. But then I’ve been switching between Mac and PC for years.

I’d love to know that too. I’m lefthanded but I’m pretty sure I use computers / phones in the same way as a righthanded person. But if more convenient options exist I need to know!

Would love more info as well! @audity, please share any info you have. I don’t think I’m familiar with a layout specific to handedness, but I’m definitely willing to learn! If you know of other sites with this installed, please pass them along.

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Sorry I thought I had already sent this reply.

Yea mostly its just a mirrored layout, I think reddit app does it, but I haven’t used it in a while, I’m trying to think which other ones. Will get back to you.

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