Lego head mask

This was last year’s school Halloween costume (for me). The inside frame is a lattice made of cardboard cut on a laser cutter. Then the outside is strips of yellow paper with see through black ribbon where the eyes and mouth are.

Very light, not at all uncomfortable, though I did still have to take it off while teaching. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is awesome! I can’t even begin to imagine the projects that open up with access to a laser cutter. Very clever.

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My laser cutter is probably my favorite crafting tool. I have one at work and loved it so much I had to get one at home. I found an old one on craigslist and fixed it so it was cheaper. :grin:


I bet the kiddos loved it!

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This had to be the best costume in the whole school. Very cool!!!

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This rocks!

How cool!!

So clever! I always love to look at how people do cosplay kinds of things, and the techniques are so intriguing.

Great work! And a laser cutter sounds very interesting…


That looks great! I’m just curious if you made the hook hands to go with it? :slight_smile:

What a fun project!

I’m a laser cutter addict. They are so power and fast - really great for instant gratification crafts.

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Nope, just the head. There was a tutorial for a whole body version, but I couldn’t even stay in the head all day. It was a big hit while trick or treating though - some little kids asked me to pose in pictures with them.

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Such a clever way to make a big yet lightweight costume. I’m so glad a lot of people got to see it and interact with you. It must’ve been lots of fun!

How cool! Really nice head for a cool teacher :smiley:

I bet people asked to pose for photos with you! This is fab!


This is glorious. I would wear it everywhere. All the time.

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