Legoman and heartshaped apple gember cake

Made this Legomanfigure apple cake with gingerpowder and a few drops of turmic and ginger put in a juicer with Star anise…Instead of white suger I used lightbrown basterdsugar…With the leftover of the dough I fild an heartshaped mold

I also made the cream myself.


You might want to remove those pictures, as it looks like they might contain your home address!

The cake looks tasty though, I didn’t know they had Lego molds.

Not nescacary…A few villages of 1000 s of civilians + cops…+ firebrigade + paramedics and so on know my adress …I am a victim of.big organised crime with a complete crazy bitch on top…So I’m going nowhere. With other words…
I don’t mine…Iam under constant attack…so why should I care bout my adress on the picture…but thanks anyway.

That sounds very tasty!

Hi Stefanie,

I blurred your photos to protect your information for now. If you decide to replace the photos, you can unblur them.